XODUS Consulting Services aspire to empower clients and professionals to soar high in the sky with optimum solutions, up-to-date technological services and training in Information Technology as per global standards. As trusted partners in business development we give solutions to your problems and help clients to sustain their competitive edge.

Christopher Sudhakar

The captain of our ship is a game changer who conceptualizes new ideas and executes them with meticulous planning. With his vast years of expertise in Human resources and Information Technology he has imbibed the best of both worlds. A perfectionist with an eye for details and with a magnitude to steer the careers of all who he comes in contact by mentoring and leading them towards the right path.

A quiet achiever; calm and globally focused with strong awareness of complex business and innovative ideas and strategies to offer his corporate clients. His interests are in sports especially tennis and basketball where he has contributed a lot to his team. Just as he dribbles and maneuvers the basketball, he strives to keep a work-life balance. Likewise he believes in strategizing and motivating his team for the business to go gung-ho!

Impacting lives for a dream career

Team Xodus is a dynamic, commitment driven company offering a comprehensive spectrum of software training, consulting services in recruitment and placement. Our expertise is in varied domains across multiple verticals. Our contemporary approach towards the latest technologies and world class industry standards has made us trendsetters for our counterparts. Our core management team is enterprising and innovative individuals who endeavor to create a leading, global talent development company

The trainer-student /professional relationship work on an environment that is conducive to technical skills enhancement and career improvement. Our real time faculty with excellent mentoring and tutoring skills strive towards developing industry-ready professionals.

  • A dedicated team of entrepreneurs and technologists embracing the mutual passion for training, recruitment and placement.
  • Challenging the inadequacies of a job hunter by transforming their abilities to a higher level to secure a promising future.
  • Our vision to design innovative and interactive programs with diligent care and flexibility paved the way to an enormous demand in the corporate world.
  • Trained by a competent team of real time faculty imparting professional skills to motivate, energize and empower them with exceptional knowledge.
  • Proactive curriculum created for job seekers to upgrade their professional skills and personality

Changing lives, adding value

1.       Sudha Rajasekaran – Chairperson & Co – Founder
e-Mail ID : sudha@xodus.in
2.       Christopher Sudhakar Victor – Chief Executive Officer & Co – Founder
e-Mail ID : chris@xodus.in
3.       Vaidyanathan Kalyanasundaram – Chief Financial Officer
e-Mail ID : vaidy@xodus.in
4.       Velmurugan Rajamanickam – Chief Technical Officer
e-Mail ID : vel@xodus.in
5.       Vinod Kumar – Vice President – Talent Acquisition
e-Mail ID : vinod@xodus.in
6.       Venugopal Sarangapani – Vice President – Business Development – Infrastructure Projects
eMail ID : venu@xodus.in
7.       Nirmala Naresh – Associate Vice President – Career Development
eMail ID : nirmala@xodus.in
8.      Beena Prabhu –  Associate Vice president- Talent Acquisition
eMail ID : beena@xodus.in
9.      Reshwanth Raghunath – Associate Vice President – Business Development – Social Recruitments

eMail ID : reshwanth@xodus.in